Postal code of Dubai Abu Dhabi and united Arab emirates

What is the Postal Code Of Dubai 2019?

The Postal code of Dubai used in many places for receiving packages out site the country. The United Arab Emirates and all of its states use its system called MAKANI Number. Forces and Army use this system in some countries for geographical location. In the United Arab Emirates every building, Home or office has its own Makani Number.
Dubai Central Postal Code: 337-1500 
Jumeirah Postal Code: 337-1500 
Mumtaz Speed Postal Code: 337-1243

Postal Code of dubai abu dhabi and Sharja 2019 New

If you are employed any company are the organization you will suggest to using office Postal code number in Dubai UAE with the management Permission. Tow more Options for getting Dubai Postal code number.
  1. You call to Emirates Post and Book Your Postal code in number Dubai which is not free.
  2. You can Choose Emirates Public Po Box Number For receiving Package. In this Condition, you need to call Emirates Post for the issue you a Postal code are Visit Emirates Post.
Postal Code of dubai Emirates Post abu dhabi and Sharja 2019

Terms Conditions and Charges for Dubai Postal Code.

All individuals who want to apply for a P.O. Box in the United Arab Emirates.
If you want Delivering Mail through PO Box at Post Offices?

Fees of Dubai Postal Code.

The annual fee for Personal Postal code service charges is AED 250 in 2019. For New Postal Code registration fees AED 70. Procedure for Postal Code.
  • Candidate fills the Individual application form.
  • With Valid passport copy and emirates id, residence visa page for non-UAE nationals.
  • Needs Valid National ID card for applying.
  • It required Two passport photos for new subscriptions.
If you want Send online Application Click Here

Official Website Of Emirates Post

Visit for Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai official Postal code numbers issued by Emirates post group.
Writing 00000 the zip code of Dubai and UAE is correct because the postman does not consider this code as 
tracking number. He will review P.O Box number and Makani number for tracking the location.   
You would have a safe and reliable way of getting Emirates PO Box bundles. For the more affordable bundles, you would have to Proceed nearest Emirates Post office for booking your Postal code number for receiving your mail whereas, in the more expensive packages, you can have your letter delivered you your home or office.
Rental prices range from 250AED to 750AED.

Details For Company Dubai Postal Code Numbers.

dubai Postal Code Emirates Post 2019

You can rent a private or company PO box out of Emirates Post. Have a reliable and safe method of receiving email or packs in Dubai. Emirates Post Box packages offer PO. From the more affordable bundles, you Would Need to go to The post office which you access and let your PO box out of Your email yourself, in the more expensive packages. UAE use the Makani number issued by UAE post office for every office and construction plot for tracing it.

Makani number in Dubai.

The construction site is trace throw his Makani number which issued by Emirates Post. Individuals who want the ship and receive goods from outside the UAE are its states such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras al-Khaimah, and Fujairah they need Postal code of the address. Residents of UAE Would like to Learn about zip code and code of numbers. Postal Code of Dubai and the UAE isn't the same.

How Postal Codes Developed and Used Complete explanation.

dubai Postal code of 2019 new

In the USA in 1963 along with 1959. Postal codes were introduced in Germany in 1941 and the United Kingdom in 1958. Postal codes' primary objective is to deliver and receive mail effectively and automatically.

Postal Codes Accuracy.

That is at the end of the address countries put the postal codes platform before the city's name. Postal codes are a crucial factor. They promise that the mailer delivers your mail. Their role is to ease the sorting and shipping of  Email significantly. Also in a few cases, a mailer may refuse to give a letter with the wrong postal code.

Postal Code Level.

dubai Postal code of 2019 by emirates Post 2019

Measure 1: Area Postal code.

The Nation split 124 Areas are denoted by the two Letters the Postcode of this Outward half. The number of delivery points within each Region is 183,000.
 Instance: SW.

Measure 2: District Postcodes.  

District Postcodes - Grade Two The District is There are over 2,900 Postcode Districts, a mean of 21 Districts within each Region, and delivery points within each District's number are 8,200.
 Instance: SW6.

Measure 3: Sector Postcodes  

 Sector Postcodes - Grade 3 Every District is further afield down to Sectors in 9,000 Example:

Unit Postcodes - Level 4. 

The final and fourth amount of this Postcode pinpoints a bunch of Homes or speeches. Many of establishments are allocated a Postcode to guarantee the segregation of deliveries email.
 Example: SW6 3AZ.

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